Biden wins: Christians must continue to pray and believe for revival in our country.

Biden’s victory is a detrimental setback to faith all around the world. This can cause many religious sectors to become discouraged, doubtful, and bitter towards God. Many believers thought that God rose up Trump for such a time as this. Many of them have even spoken out prophetic words declaring that he would win again, reigniting the faith of believers around the world. This didn’t happen this time around. Evangelical voters went out to vote, but this time the votes supported Biden overall.

With Biden becoming the next president in January, we will see the most liberal agenda that has ever taken place in the history of our democracy. Neutral and left-wing news sources have supported this claim, that this could be the most liberal presidency that we’ve seen.

In other words, we must be prepared to see an extension of what Obama had intended to do if he were to run for another four years. I foresee the removal of many of Trump’s executive orders supporting Christians and believers. This will prohibit churches from endorsing candidates from the pulpit again. This could also mean that pastors will have to pay taxes if they don’t marry homosexual couples. This could also affect world-wide and global evangelism around the country. Christians could get persecuted for going out and preaching to other people. We will also see Biden funding planned-parenthood again, and supporting more abortions than ever before.

We can perhaps also expect the Biden Administration to restrict relations with North Korea, Sudan, Iran, Israel and other nations that Trump has sought peace with. We can expect someone that will not defend and support Israel as much as Trump did. We can perhaps expect ourselves to become more friends with China over the next few years.

That was only the spiritual side… on the natural, we will see our taxes go up again. As he attempts to charge the higher class of over $400,000, many of them will take their assets, homes and businesses to other nations where they will be charged less taxes. As a business person, if I was making tone of money, I would refuse to pay more taxes just because I’m earning more money. I deserve to be treated fairly just like everyone else. Also, the minimum wage will be raised to $15! We will see many small businesses go bankrupt, because they won’t have enough money to abide by these laws that are being passed.

Also, Harris has suggested many times universal healthcare. We don’t know what they have planned yet for healthcare, but nothing comes for free. In order for healthcare to be free or to be lowered for everyone, taxes have to go up. Where else are they going to get this money from? It sure as heck will not be coming from their own salaries.

We will also see the cost of education go down for students in our society. I do think that that college costs have been ridiculously high, more than ever before in our country. But making college free or almost affordable? This and healthcare are some traits of a socialist and communist country. I don’t think anything should be free under a capitalist country. Education comes with a price; there are teachers involved, buildings, programs that need to be created, etc. Lowering the costs will make education be subject to the government; they would lose many of their funds.

In other words, we would be seeing a very different America. America will change significantly under 8 years of this administration. More than ever, we must pray for revival to come to the United States. We must pray that God’s hand continues to guide our nation, and that it will remain in the presence of God. We must pray that the enemy will not continue to influence the laws that get passed, and that our society doesn’t become more demoralized than it is right now.

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