Winner not declared yet, but it’s brought to realize the biggest problems of our nation right now.

We are still waiting to determine a winner. But when it is finally over, who is the real winner? No one is. Our nation is still divided more than ever, and you can see in the polls. You can see it in the riots and protests around the world. This was merely a fluke, the polls were closer than they’ve ever been, and can surely turn around in the next election and so forth.

It is really sad to see as Americans that when 9/11 took place, we were all in unity. We cried together, suffered together and prayed together. Now, we have seen the polarizing opposite. An outbreak such as COVID was meant to unite us as a country, but we’re not seeing it like that. Everything that takes blame for our country is pinned towards a president. It’s started to feel like our nation is raising up cults instead of Americans. The Democrats and Republicans alike have become two separate cults, and people hold that deer to them instead of forgetting about what unites us.

In my opinion, I blame social media, journalism and the Big Techs for filtering a lot of information.

With the spread of so much misinformation, we’re seeing people growing up with their own biased opinion, regardless of which side you are on (this includes the Mainstream Media). Facebook, Instagram, and many news sites received a selective group of Americans and they cater to that group. They give them news that they want to hear, news and information that will support their biased opinions.

As a result, we have a big problem in our country right now. Everybody thinks that they are right. No one wants to listen to each other. Everyone is influenced by their own political party or their own news-feed that they read.

Socialist and communist countries are having this struggle right now.

In North Korea, Kim Jong Un is like a god to these people. We are their enemies. They grew up to think and believe that with their heart and in their spirit. This is all because of the influence of the media that their government is forcing them to sit under. They don’t see any light or anything else. When this happens, what usually solves this conflict is civil wars breaking out in our nation, until one side eventually emerges supreme. We saw it in the regime of Cuba, where Castro got elected with favored support. All of a sudden, he turned on Cubans and created a regime that lasted many decades.

Our nation can be the most prosperous nation, but we still have yet to have someone that will stand up and bring Americans together.

While Obama receives a lot of credit for taking away the crisis that we had as a nation in 2008, his policies and beliefs brought a lot of division to our country. Division did not start with Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, many people that voted for Trump felt that they were left out during the tenure of Obama’s presidency. Although Trump has done a lot of great things for Christians and religion throughout our country, he hasn’t been able to bring unity among Democrats and Republicans. Whether you like him or not, you can’t argue that he caused a lot of division among our nation, as well. I’ll even say this, I don’t believe either of these candidates will qualify to bring the necessary unity that America needs. America needs someone else to bring unity, or else we will see the demise of our nation as we know it.

Every party and candidate needs and has sponsors and donors. Their campaign cannot run without finances. Candidates will support the ideals and stances of those that donate and vote for them. So to begin with, many of these candidates already start as biased, opinionated, and dividing our country.

What does America need?

First and foremost, America needs a strong Christian leader to guide our nation. Someone that will not be influenced by the media or by donors or sponsors. They need someone that will step out of the traditional status quo and dare to be someone different than the rest. America needs someone that will stand up for everyone, regardless of their background, social lifestyle, or sexual preferences, while also defending everyone’s rights as well. With the degradation of morality in our nation, this seems very rare and almost impossible. But I believe that our country will turn back to its old roots. I believe that someone will rise up from the ashes and truly unite our country at the likes that we’ve never seen before.

As Christians, we cannot endorse division. A nation or kingdom divided cannot stand. We begin losing a nation when we endorse division and chaos. Yes, we must vote for those that support our principles and values. But let us not become part of a party more than we are believers. We are Christians before supporting any party, and we are meant to bring peace and light wherever we go. Let us not make the world detest or reject Christianity because they’re seeing believers dividing our nation. Let us be and make the difference, and enforce unity among society.

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