Harris, the most liberal senator in America.

Many of the news networks declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winners of the 2020 presidential debate, but a lot of people haven’t done their full research on both candidates. One of them is Kamala Harris, who on the ballot, looks to be very promising and to make history in our country. The first black female vice-president of the United States, Harris is on her way to accomplishing very promising things for Democrats.

However, on an interview with 60 Minutes, Harris was declared as the most liberal senator that we could possibly have during this time, and she did not denounce it. This comes with an package of liberal policies and laws that she seeks to pass during her tenure as vice-president, which could change the landscape of America, as we know it.

For starters, Harris is a strong promoter and supporter of the LGBTQ community and Planned Parenthood. She seeks to repeal any executive orders that Trump has passed in favor of religious freedom and prohibiting abortion. The United States is one of the main states leading the world in abortion rates. Harris plans to promote and push this agenda further, enabling women to be able to abort their children up until the 9 months are up. Moreover, they plan on promoting the LGBTQ communities in schools, jobs, public places, and everywhere.

Not only that, but Harris has a strange sense of moral values. She seeks to legalize prostitution in the United States. She stated in an interview that she doesn’t see a problem with sex that is consensual, and even referred to prostitutes as “sex workers.” She says that sex that both agree to have should not be prohibited or criminalized. In addition to this, she also seeks to legalize consumption of many drugs, including heroine, cocaine, marijuana and many more. She herself, has partook in marijuana prior, and even laughed when something stated this claim to her in the past. Legalizing drug consumption will legalize a lot of crime in the United States, and can open doors for our country to become polluted with violence, chaos and destruction.

Not only that, but they also believe in the policy that demands “free healthcare for all.” I am a firm believer that healthcare is everyone’s right, but these are traits that come from socialist and communist countries. There should be programs placed to protect the elderly that can’t work, and some socialist aspects to be able to assist those that are in need of free healthcare. But the problem of creating a free healthcare policy will demand the increase of taxes for American citizens and workers. This could prove catastrophic, and it could decrease the revenue that families are receiving on a monthly basis.

Moreover, I believe that Joe Biden is very old. Harris being the vice-president could pave the way for her to become president, which many people are claiming this as a possibility. Many people believe he’s not fit to be president, and that it would raise concerns regarding Harris being president. If Harris was on the ballot on her own, she would not have beat Trump. This is why they had to select a stronger front-runner, but sneaking Harris down the ballot, too. If Harris becomes president, we will be seeing a much different America from what we’re used to seeing.

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