November, a month of giving thanks to God.

In the midst of the horrors that we have gone through this year, we are witnessing that there are more situations that we’re facing as Americans. It seems as though nothing is over, the pandemic, the elections, the hurricanes, the unemployment, etc. But in the midst of all the circumstances, we must thank God for the greatest miracle that has taken place… we have finished this year.

God processed the church and the world like never before through this pandemic. The faith, hope and love of the people was tested like never before. We have never gone through a pandemic of the likes we’ve been at. So many lives have been killed, but we must give thanks to God in the midst of the trials.

God has been with us and He will continue to be. We must thank Him for the little things. For keeping us stable, alive and well. And in November, through Thanksgiving, we always take some time to be grateful to God, to thank Him and honor Him, because He has been good to us, and we put our hope and trust in Him.

During this season, it may be harder to give thanks to God. You may have lost a lot of things this year. You may have lost your fire for God, your prayer life, your passion for God… But I pray that as you pursue the presence of God, He reveals to you the little things of which we should be thankful for. As we give him thanks, His powerful presence comes and invades our lives!

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