The ultimate loser in this Election are Americans; media succeeded in creating chaos and strife.

Regardless of who wins the election, it’s become more clear how divided of a nation we are. The left thinks that they are 100% right and that there is no election fraud, while they were the ones in 2016 that conspired against the president for interfering with the election. The right that thought they were 100% in 2016, that there was Election Integrity are now crying out for it. Everyone is extreme in their side, and there is no in between; this is the huge problem that we are facing.

The mainstream media has a lot to blame for dividing Americans. The majority of them are highly democratic, with very few of the networks being conservative-based. This is what got Trump into office; he exposed the biases of the media whether you like him or not. He awoke a generation of Americans that have felt left out by the government and have emboldened them to go out and vote. He felt like every act of society eliminated a certain type of people, and those were the same people that gave him the victory in 2016.

The mainstream media has succeeded in creating massive heat for this election and infuriating Democrats. They succeeded in speaking garbage about our president and making half of Americans hate him. They also succeeded in creating resentment among those that support Trump because they see through the bias of the media. At the end of the day, everyone’s passions become more infuriated rather than changing to the other side. No one wins. Everyone becomes more and more divided.

We must pray for this bias to stop. We must pray for this socialistic agenda to end, for the media to stop supporting one candidate, and to be fair on both sides. We pray that the corruption stops, and that God glorifies himself through seeing a united America. The mainstream media should be sowing unity, not chaos and strife. Regardless of who someone supports, it’s not a means to argue with them or to think they are wrong. America must go back to a time where everyone listens to one another and can understand everyone’s position.

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