Biden vows to be a president for all Americans

In a controversial acceptance speech, Joe Biden made a lot of statements regarding him winning the election. “The people of America have spoken,” he said. He also attempted to target Trump supporters. He said statements such as, “Now it’s time to heal our land.” He said that we need to give each other a chance, and that he doesn’t see Democrats or Republicans, but he sees all Americans. He vows to be a president for all Americans.

Unfortunately, this comes in the midst of a lot of allegations concerning the vote counts all across many of the key states needed to win the election. If he really wants to be a president for all Americans, this is the time for him to listen to Trump supporters, who are speaking and crying out that there has been election fraud.

Republicans will be silenced if Biden succeeds throughout the court-proceedings. Biden’s victory takes American back to the “do-nothing Democrats” that Trump has vastly projected. They say so many nice words and deep thoughts, but they are empty of actions.

I believe that during this time, if he really cares to win the other half of American voters that are passionate about their vote, he should have waited before accepting this victory from the networks. He campaigned on uniting the country, and he is on the road to fail in accomplishing this matter. His hope is only to show his supporters that he wants to project the image of trying to unite everyone, while sadly accomplishing in diving them, instead. There is a lot of resentment from those that voted for Trump, and he’s refusing to listen to them, contrary to the election of Bush vs. Gore in 2000.

My prayer is that if Biden succeeds, that he truly unites and listens to the other half of American people. There has been no president that has succeed in doing this in a long time, and I think we need that kind of leader in our nation once again. The fate of our democracy depends on it.

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