Dump the news and dive into the Word

We’re living scary and unprecedented times right now. We may have a new president with an anti-Christ agenda. We may have a different America starting next year. The world is still recovering from COVID-19. Jobs and the economy are at a record-low. The temptation to be all over the news is so huge, but we must remain rooted in the word of God.

The news has been filled with such negativity. The hope of this new president to bring change into the Oval Office is a big lie. He will push a demonic agenda into our nation. The spike of coronavirus and the spike of hurricanes have made it difficult to focus on the entire year. Many families have had a terrible 2020. But it’s not over yet.

The best news we could possibly obtain is the word of God. In it, you will find the best news, be spiritually alert, and remain discerning. If it wasn’t for the meditation of the word of God, I would be going crazy. But all of these things are written in the Bible.

I encourage you to dump the news that you’ve been watching. Don’t fill your head with corruption and negativity. Let us meditate on God’s word and focus on declaring His promises over the Earth. It’s the only way we can achieve freedom in our minds and in our hearts from all the chaos going on in our world right now.

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