Why did God allow Biden to win if the prophets spoke?

After everything that took place with the elections, everyone is wondering if prophets are to be trusted. Many of the prophets who’ve had high profiles in the past of prophesying great events, also prophesied that Trump would get a second term and they were wrong. It just did not happen. So what do we do? Why did God allow this to happen? Everyone is forming their own opinions, but first, let’s debunk what this means about prophets being false prophets.

Are these prophets that made wrong predictions considered false teachers?

I highly doubt this logic. We cannot judge prophets based on how the world judges them, but rather based on the spirit. I think that we must remember and separate the gift from the vessel that God is using. At the end of the day, we are imperfect vessels being used by the Almighty God. The vessel is imperfect, but the one that is using us is perfect. I believe that even the most credible prophet has had some wrong prophecies in the past. This doesn’t mean that they’re not true prophets. You can’t judge a prophet based on one incorrect prophesy, it defeats the whole purpose.

Second and most important, we must also acknowledge that every prophecy is conditional. It is not up to the prophet to make it come to past, but it is up to the Holy Spirit. I can understand why people would think that a prophet’s prophecy about Trump could influence people to vote for him, and vice-versa. But I believe this is not the case.

Ultimately, God is humbling Christians all over the world.

Many Christians are resenting their pastors who have participated in division and strife around the world with this election, in my opinion. I honestly don’t think that Christians are not ready for revival, or for a president that stands and supports their principles. There is a lot of corruption in the church, a lot of apostasy, and a lot of false teachings that have deviated Christians away from God.

The sad part, a lot of these preachers have participated in creating division, accusing pastors who support Biden, going against them, and also dividing the church, as well. I have yet to see a preacher who has focused on uniting the Christians world-wide, over supporting a party that takes pride in dividing people left-to-right. Every Christian has a side, and it’s sad to say that there are people that support a party over their faith.

Moreover, I believe Biden getting elected is showing that our society has not repented. Despite the four years that we got under Trump, who supported and passed Christian laws to support the advancing of the gospel, America has not repented. There is still corruption, wickedness, and division. A lot of Christians were okay with supporting a party that endorsed sin, over a party that was also very imperfect (in character) per say, but did not stand for sin.

I believe that there’s a lot of prideful Christians who have opened their doors and have been a part of America being hurt. Christians are also making fun of people from other parties, as well, because we cannot understand how they can vote for someone based on x, y and z. First of all, this is 100% not Christ-like. Christ did not come to support a party, he came to support the advancing the gospel, he came to bring people to the Father.

Finally, I believe that the world needs to experience 4 years under a different president to see what’s different. The Biden administration has rapidly enforced a lot of anti-Christ laws and regulations. He has broken a lot of promises that he made to Americans since he ran for president. I believe that this needs to happen to change the minds of many Americans that voted for him. They need to see society become demoralized even more, so that they can vote for and support the truth, regardless of the person that is standing behind it.

But ultimately, I think as Christians, regardless of who we vote for, we need to stand and support Jesus. If we’re Christians, that should unite believers the most. When the Christian church was being persecuted, they found refuge in one another. Christianity has become so mainstream nowadays, so popular, that we forget our roots. We forget in rejoicing with one another that is also a believer, regardless of their convictions and beliefs. I think also that as Christians, we’ve become corrupt in our character, our morals, principles. A lot of this is to blame on preachers, who are preaching a different gospel. As a preacher, the responsibility should weigh on them to give sound doctrine to believers, so that they can truly be the light of the world, and bring unity wherever they go.

America is hurting and in pain. The only way to get to their hearts is by loving on them, praying for them, setting them free. Jesus is the only way. We must vote for someone who stands for Biblical truth, yes… but Jesus is the only way, not a president. We must bring that light over to whoever we come into contact with, regardless of their party.

Maybe if the church truly repents and changes, we can finally experience the revival we’ve been wanting to see. And only then, we can also prepare ourselves for the second coming of Jesus.

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