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Check out my new podcast!

My podcast is currently streaming on Spotify and Anchor! It will soon be streaming on other platforms! I encourage you to tune in every week. God will speak into your life through every episode and content!

How to have unspeakable peace in your lives.

The purpose of this podcast is to encourage everyone that listens to decide to do God’s will. Life is all about the decisions that we make, and we are a result of all the decisions we’ve made throughout our lives. We cannot afford to not do the will of God. This message will not only speak to us about what is the will of God, but also encourage us to do His will and give us the keys to do it. My prayer is that this challenges you to obey God when he speaks to you!

Times of Refreshing- Poem

In light of this pandemic, many are struggling, hopeless, and in need of something to reaffirm their faith. My prayer is that this poem will edify you, like it did with me this morning.


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