Prayer for Nicaragua and Honduras.

Just when 2020 couldn’t get worst, Hurricanes Eta and Iota tag team to hit Honduras and Nicaragua, causing massive havoc and devastation throughout the countries.

The ultimate loser in this Election are Americans; media succeeded in creating chaos and strife.

The mainstream media is the biggest winner of this election, showcasing how much influence they have over half of America. On the other hand, resentment and tension rises, as the other half feels and sees through the bias. In the end, America is more divided.

Winner not declared yet, but it’s brought to realize the biggest problems of our nation right now.

We don’t have a winner yet, but when we do, who is really the winner? We’re losing a nation and it’s becoming clear after every election.

Biden wins: Christians must continue to pray and believe for revival in our country.

Biden’s victory is a detrimental setback to faith all around the world. This can cause many religious sectors to become discouraged, doubtful, and bitter towards God. Many believers thought that God rose up Trump for such a time as this. Many of them have even spoken out prophetic words declaring that he would win again,Continue reading “Biden wins: Christians must continue to pray and believe for revival in our country.”

Biden says he will be a president for all Americans; Kamala Harris states she supports freedom of religion.

Despite the Biden’s Administration’s policies contradicting the word of God, they declare that they are rooted in their faith. Harris says she supports freedom of religion, and Biden is a devout Catholic according to him.