The media gets offended when President Trump calls coronavirus the “Chinese virus”

In one of the speeches that President Trump gave last week, a reporter accused Trump of being a racist. They said that some people are calling him a racist regarding his comments to the virus as Chinese.

Trump quickly discarded the reporter, stating that they were uninformed. He said that the only reason why he called it a Chinese virus is because it came from China.

Does this make him a racist ? Calling a virus Chinese? A lot of news reports came out saying that he is a racist for calling it as such.

Was any president or leader called a racist on previous pandemics ? How about the Zika virus? What ever happened to the Black Death, or the Black Plague in history? Do we remember the term Spanish flu in the 20th century? Or the Asian Flu? Or the Swine flu? How about the Ebola pandemic?

If our president was racist, then I’m assuming that the same reporters that are classifying him as a racist refer to these pandemics as racist comments as well? Or are they contradicting themselves?

Glorifying the Father in everything we do

Whatever you do [no matter what it is] in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus [and in dependence on Him], giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

Colossians 3:17

How many things have we done for ourselves? There are many people that pride themselves in accomplishing tasks in this Earth. They seek a new job, a new career, a scholarship, a degree, all to glorify themselves. They seek to please themselves, but never to please God. This is why this scripture is so important.

Throughout this pandemic, we learned how easy it is for God to allow us to lose everything. Business people lost their earnings, families lost their jobs, many savings and earnings came crashing to the floor. In an instant, everything that we work for can be easily removed if our hearts are not right.

This is why I love this Bible verse. It urges us to do everything in the name of the Lord and not in our own name. It urges us to do things to please God and not to please ourselves. When we seek to please him, God makes sure to bless us.

My prayer is that during this season, you give thanks for everything you’ve accomplished and everything you have. Thank God for that business, job, finances, or anything that has been preserved during this time of crisis. Make sure that you’re not seeking your own glory, your own recognition, or your own favor. God rewards those that diligently seek Him and are eternally grateful.

End- Time Deception : Poem

These times were prophesied
By the Lord and His prophets
We’re entering the great divide
People’s hearts are being hardened
Such abnormal, deceiving times
The ones that we are living in
Satan has captured many minds
He owns the wounded and offended

Cults and witches have risen
Claiming to hear the word of God
Twisting scripture with wickedness
Stealing the truth from gullible hearts
Those with itchy ears will fall astray
And the immature will not remain
And unless we repent, we’ll never make it
Our devotion to God, we will not sustain it

Jesus said troubled days are coming
Betrayal through carnal judgment
Charismatic voices that sound stunning
But God will alert His chosen remnant
Jesus, I pray that every heart
That every soul returns to you
That there’s no error in our part
And if there is, let us be renewed

Jesus, I pray for global unity
Where believers rejoice just like you wanted
No division, just one community
So you can come just like you promised
That were not easily swayed by nice words
To the point that we diminish from the truth
Remove the veil that keeps us blurred
Remove iniquity that drew us far from you.

Deception and division in the church

At a greater and global scale, we are seeing so many wonderful things happening in the Christian sector. However, we are also seeing deception and division in the Christian fields. Denominations have risen more than ever, giving birth to sects, cults, and different religions that have nothing to do with Christianity. As time progresses, we are seeing many people being deceived, and the deceptions are only getting tougher to battle.

See to it that there is no one who takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception in accordance with human tradition, in accordance with the elementary principles of the world, rather than in accordance with Christ.

Colossians 2:8

Deception comes over the spiritually immature

Those that are immature will give way to deception. Also, those that are in sin and holding iniquity in their hearts will also be contenders to be deceived. They will exchange the truth of God (His word) with human tradition and values that support their flesh. When people have itchy ears, they will desire to hear only nice messages and will discard confrontational messages. This is when doors are open for someone to fall off of God’s protection.

God never contradicts His word: the key not entering deception

People fall into rebellion because they take their eyes off of Jesus and put it in a man or a woman. They create excuses to support and justify their sin, but it will never truly justify it before God. The more we know God’s word, the more we’re able to discern when something is off.

For instance, God doesn’t support division, divorce, or movements that come out of a doctrine that is not stated in God’s word. Any movements such as this, no matter how convincing they may sound, cannot be trusted or supported. It will give room to apostasy and open doors for more deception around the world. We are seeing denominations, movements, and religions being formed from the ideals and principles of men, but not of God. As a result, we are forming a rebellious and lawless church.

Truth has no emotions.

I believe that Jesus was very blunt when he revealed himself as the only way the truth and the life. I also believe he was very confrontational with religious people, and he spoke more about hell than Heaven. He wanted to alert us that times of deception are coming and we must stay watchful. We must continue to stay rooted in God’s word.

As Christianity continues to become popular, we will also see the rising of these kind of movements. These movements will have a strange fire and doctrine, and will deviate many people away from the truth. They will be movements that think they carry God’s presence but are rooted in error and in rebellion. God will not bless or tolerate sin that brings deception over many people.

My prayer and my counsel for you that is reading this is to remain a student of the word of God. Do not give heed to the principles or doctrines of men. Only God’s word will prevail. Continue to abide in His word and what He has spoken, so that you don’t end up falling into error. Do not believe false Christs or teachers, as Jesus said. Very tough times are coming, and the enemy wants to make sure that the called are removed. My prayer is that the chosen prevail, and I believe that you will too…

Choose the right counsel for your life.

Blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked [following their advice and example], Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit [down to rest] in the seat of scoffers (ridiculers). But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And on His law [His precepts and teachings] he [habitually] meditates day and night.

Psalm 1:1-2

Everyone has good and bad friendships. Many of these are mixed with family, work, school, and other environments that we cannot avoid. We always will have to interact with different people, no matter how saved most of our family members are. Everyone at one point has received and taken counsel from someone that is wicked. That should not be the norm with Christians.

Surrounding ourselves with godly counsel.

As believers, we must surround ourselves with people that carry the Holy Spirit and the presence of God. There are too many “good people” out there; people that give great advice but don’t know Jesus. The scripture on top states that a blessed person avoids wicked counsel, and his delight is God’s law. This is why it’s so important to be surrounded with believers that are passionate and hungry for God’s law (God’s word). We’re living in times where so many have different opinions and they are not seeking the Word of God for answers.

My prayer is that you take upon yourself being surrounded by the right people! Eliminate any friends that you have to eliminate, people and relationships too. I pray that if you don’t have godly people in your inner circle, that God makes a way to shove them into your life! To push you, edify you, and to be a voice over your life! God bless you!

Prayer for Nicaragua and Honduras.

For the second time in about two weeks, Nicaragua and Honduras were hit with a devastating hurricane. They were barely recovering when the second one, Hurricane Iota, came and caused destruction everywhere.

The hurricane season this year has been very spontaneous, producing one of the most active years in recent history. Meteorologists had to go beyond the alphabet to be able to name storms, since there were too many hurricanes this year.

This is another area where 2020 proves to be a very catastrophic year for many people. Whether or not you have family over there, I strongly urge you to lift up a prayer for the people in those nations so that they may heal and recover. It’s going to take a long time to recover from this disastrous hurricane. We must pray that there’s an umbrella of protection over their lives, and that like our word says, that they are more than conquerors, and they will surpass this moment of crisis. Amen.

Grace Community Church is cleared from any legal suits

John McArthur was in quite the battle with Los Ángeles County since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The county has prohibited indoor church services, and given that recently 3 members tested positive, the county has sought to ban McArthur from hosting church services.

For a few weeks, the church was closed down, until they decided to reopen and start having services again, regardless of who showed up. They said that they government has no authority to ban congregating in church.

As precautionary measures, the church has increased social distancing measures and wearing masks.

“We are glad to announce that we received a notice from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health … saying that we have been cleared of COVID-19 outbreak,” the ministry said on their website.

Pastor John McArthur is one of the other stories of preachers who have been persecuted for hosting their church services regardless of the COVID pandemic spread. They remain firm in their decision that the government cannot tell them to shut down, and that it is against the law. They argue, if they ask us to shut down and they respond, what other rights are they going to take from them?

Dump the news and dive into the Word

We’re living scary and unprecedented times right now. We may have a new president with an anti-Christ agenda. We may have a different America starting next year. The world is still recovering from COVID-19. Jobs and the economy are at a record-low. The temptation to be all over the news is so huge, but we must remain rooted in the word of God.

The news has been filled with such negativity. The hope of this new president to bring change into the Oval Office is a big lie. He will push a demonic agenda into our nation. The spike of coronavirus and the spike of hurricanes have made it difficult to focus on the entire year. Many families have had a terrible 2020. But it’s not over yet.

The best news we could possibly obtain is the word of God. In it, you will find the best news, be spiritually alert, and remain discerning. If it wasn’t for the meditation of the word of God, I would be going crazy. But all of these things are written in the Bible.

I encourage you to dump the news that you’ve been watching. Don’t fill your head with corruption and negativity. Let us meditate on God’s word and focus on declaring His promises over the Earth. It’s the only way we can achieve freedom in our minds and in our hearts from all the chaos going on in our world right now.

Hillsong pastor’s affair makes headlines throughout the world.

A well-beloved pastor and friend to many people, Carl Lentz shocked the Christian world when it was announced that he was unfaithful to his wife. Both he and his wife were fired immediately. Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church, said that referred to his firing as a recent “revelation of moral failures.”

Should a pastor be fired from his job due to moral failures? The Bible says that we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Anyone that says they haven’t sinned should be the first to cast the stone. If everyone has sinned, why was this pastor terminated for falling into sin? Is this the way to go as a way of reprehending believers?

What does the Bible tell us regarding chastising believers? Is that the way God the Father treats us when we sin? In my opinion, although he had a lot of influence and a huge background, it was very harsh to let him go.

Let us pray for Pastor Carl Lentz and his family during this rough time. Not only does he have the emotional trauma of infidelity on both sides, but both have lost their financial stability, as well. Both have to endure the heavy process of either rebuilding their family or filing for divorce, becoming the next Christian couple that has separated with each other.

Biden vows to be a president for all Americans

In a controversial acceptance speech, Joe Biden made a lot of statements regarding him winning the election. “The people of America have spoken,” he said. He also attempted to target Trump supporters. He said statements such as, “Now it’s time to heal our land.” He said that we need to give each other a chance, and that he doesn’t see Democrats or Republicans, but he sees all Americans. He vows to be a president for all Americans.

Unfortunately, this comes in the midst of a lot of allegations concerning the vote counts all across many of the key states needed to win the election. If he really wants to be a president for all Americans, this is the time for him to listen to Trump supporters, who are speaking and crying out that there has been election fraud.

Republicans will be silenced if Biden succeeds throughout the court-proceedings. Biden’s victory takes American back to the “do-nothing Democrats” that Trump has vastly projected. They say so many nice words and deep thoughts, but they are empty of actions.

I believe that during this time, if he really cares to win the other half of American voters that are passionate about their vote, he should have waited before accepting this victory from the networks. He campaigned on uniting the country, and he is on the road to fail in accomplishing this matter. His hope is only to show his supporters that he wants to project the image of trying to unite everyone, while sadly accomplishing in diving them, instead. There is a lot of resentment from those that voted for Trump, and he’s refusing to listen to them, contrary to the election of Bush vs. Gore in 2000.

My prayer is that if Biden succeeds, that he truly unites and listens to the other half of American people. There has been no president that has succeed in doing this in a long time, and I think we need that kind of leader in our nation once again. The fate of our democracy depends on it.

Harris, the most liberal senator in America.

Many of the news networks declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winners of the 2020 presidential debate, but a lot of people haven’t done their full research on both candidates. One of them is Kamala Harris, who on the ballot, looks to be very promising and to make history in our country. The first black female vice-president of the United States, Harris is on her way to accomplishing very promising things for Democrats.

However, on an interview with 60 Minutes, Harris was declared as the most liberal senator that we could possibly have during this time, and she did not denounce it. This comes with an package of liberal policies and laws that she seeks to pass during her tenure as vice-president, which could change the landscape of America, as we know it.

For starters, Harris is a strong promoter and supporter of the LGBTQ community and Planned Parenthood. She seeks to repeal any executive orders that Trump has passed in favor of religious freedom and prohibiting abortion. The United States is one of the main states leading the world in abortion rates. Harris plans to promote and push this agenda further, enabling women to be able to abort their children up until the 9 months are up. Moreover, they plan on promoting the LGBTQ communities in schools, jobs, public places, and everywhere.

Not only that, but Harris has a strange sense of moral values. She seeks to legalize prostitution in the United States. She stated in an interview that she doesn’t see a problem with sex that is consensual, and even referred to prostitutes as “sex workers.” She says that sex that both agree to have should not be prohibited or criminalized. In addition to this, she also seeks to legalize consumption of many drugs, including heroine, cocaine, marijuana and many more. She herself, has partook in marijuana prior, and even laughed when something stated this claim to her in the past. Legalizing drug consumption will legalize a lot of crime in the United States, and can open doors for our country to become polluted with violence, chaos and destruction.

Not only that, but they also believe in the policy that demands “free healthcare for all.” I am a firm believer that healthcare is everyone’s right, but these are traits that come from socialist and communist countries. There should be programs placed to protect the elderly that can’t work, and some socialist aspects to be able to assist those that are in need of free healthcare. But the problem of creating a free healthcare policy will demand the increase of taxes for American citizens and workers. This could prove catastrophic, and it could decrease the revenue that families are receiving on a monthly basis.

Moreover, I believe that Joe Biden is very old. Harris being the vice-president could pave the way for her to become president, which many people are claiming this as a possibility. Many people believe he’s not fit to be president, and that it would raise concerns regarding Harris being president. If Harris was on the ballot on her own, she would not have beat Trump. This is why they had to select a stronger front-runner, but sneaking Harris down the ballot, too. If Harris becomes president, we will be seeing a much different America from what we’re used to seeing.