Apostasy is rising among the Christian world.

With the rising of Christianity in today’s society, we are also seeing the rise of many different beliefs and branches within Christianity. Many Christians, without knowing it, have abandoned the faith because their teachings contradict the Bible.

Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers

According to Christian News Network, a group of apostate United Methodist Episcopal and Jewish clergy gathered outside an abortion facility to bless the facility. As the pictures reveal, they are pro-family, pro-choice, pro-faith. One of the members stated that God’s love is steadfast, and that several religious people tend to forget that. For them, loveContinue reading “Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers”

9/23/2015: The Pope’s Address to America

On this Wednesday, the 23rd of September, Pope Francis met the White House for what the world refers to as a historic event. What was the purpose of this meeting? Why would the pope want to come to America? What did he address? First and foremost, the Vatican removed several people from the invitation that could have causedContinue reading “9/23/2015: The Pope’s Address to America”