Jesus is My Reality

The world sees daily tragedies The storms, the wars, the people dying The earth’s being shaken above the normalities Yet, still the church, continues fighting The wealth for the righteous continues rising Their faith and boldness is their remedy Darkness is strong but they continue shining They’re aware that you’re the reality World War oneContinue reading “Jesus is My Reality”

With a Thankful Heart

I come to You with a thankful heart Well, you brought to me the incentive to restart I opened up a new chapter of my life, Closing all the chapters where I cried In love with an angel was in my writing But in love with a demon was the reality I looked for aContinue reading “With a Thankful Heart”

The Passion for Christ

  I want a greater love for You Unsatisfied with a comfortable, passive presence I want a greater longing, too A transformation inside Your essence. Displeased with my present prayer life; I want to encounter You in a greater way; To be converted inside Your light; And seek a change to light-up my days. IContinue reading “The Passion for Christ”