Biden vows to sign Equality Act in the first 100 days of office

This Equality Act can trigger an anti-Christ nation in the likes we’ve never seen before… it’s so important as believers that we contend and stand for the truth. We must understand how these laws will affect us and our children moving forward.

Apostasy is rising among the Christian world.

With the rising of Christianity in today’s society, we are also seeing the rise of many different beliefs and branches within Christianity. Many Christians, without knowing it, have abandoned the faith because their teachings contradict the Bible.

Superbowl’s “Believe in Love” Illustration Poisons Audiences

Unfortunately, audiences around the world witnessed yesterday one of the most disturbing events in the minds of Christians. A few months ago, a law was passed that homosexuals considered a victory for them. As a result of this “historical law” that legalized gay marriage, this image was portrayed by the White House at that sameContinue reading “Superbowl’s “Believe in Love” Illustration Poisons Audiences”

Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers

According to Christian News Network, a group of apostate United Methodist Episcopal and Jewish clergy gathered outside an abortion facility to bless the facility. As the pictures reveal, they are pro-family, pro-choice, pro-faith. One of the members stated that God’s love is steadfast, and that several religious people tend to forget that. For them, loveContinue reading “Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers”