How to remove fear and enter into the boldness of God

Last night, I got to share at my house of peace one of the most powerful and striking messages that lit a fire in me. I was teaching them on how to remove fear from our life and entering a life of power and faith. This is very important because a lot of Christians areContinue reading “How to remove fear and enter into the boldness of God”

The Chapter

Finally, it’s the closing of another chapter The year has ended as the shut of a door You overcame hell and every difficult battle It is time to perceive what I have in store A brand new car and a better-paying job An unquenchable fire to seek the face of the Lord And a double-portionContinue reading “The Chapter”

Christmas: Myths and Facts

We are approaching Dec. 25, a date that is regarded as the favorite holiday all around the world. It is a day of celebration, spending time together, opening many gifts, and dancing many songs. Unfortunately, this world celebrates Christmas out of tradition and not with knowledge and revelation. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world,Continue reading “Christmas: Myths and Facts”