Grace Community Church is cleared from any legal suits

Church led by John McArthur is cleared from any suits pertaining to COVID.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship with God during quarantine?

What can we do in this quarantine season to get our eyes back to Jesus? The world is just waiting for time to pass by and doing nothing, but the church must actively be strengthening their relationship with God! This is so vital and important!

Due to coronavirus crisis, families aren’t able to create a funeral service for their late loved ones.

Families cannot mourn properly due to CDC guidelines. In light of the coronavirus crisis, most funeral homes have either closed down or enforced strict regulations regarding having proper services.

Obama endorses Biden for president, hours after former Biden staff-member accused him of sexual assault.

After a week full of terrific endorsements of Sanders and Obama, Biden now faces sexual-assault accusations from a former staff member.

Many cities and counties are now requiring for residents to wear masks when going out.

With many cities and counties creating stricter health guidelines, by wearing masks, many people question when this pandemic will end. Some prophets and apostles have predicted or prophesied good news for the world.