Due to coronavirus crisis, families aren’t able to create a funeral service for their late loved ones.

Families cannot mourn properly due to CDC guidelines. In light of the coronavirus crisis, most funeral homes have either closed down or enforced strict regulations regarding having proper services.

Many cities and counties are now requiring for residents to wear masks when going out.

With many cities and counties creating stricter health guidelines, by wearing masks, many people question when this pandemic will end. Some prophets and apostles have predicted or prophesied good news for the world.

Apostle prophesied in January that a world-wide shaking would come.

Around the beginning of the year, before we knew that the economy was under danger or that anything was going to strike the entire world, God gave a prophetic word to a man of God to prepare God’s people.

Churches have been deemed as “essential activities” throughout Florida, as per the governor.

After Ron DeSantis gave clarification as to what “essential activities” were during a meeting on April 1, Hillsborough County reversed its law the following day, declaring churches as “essential services.”

Did President Trump move fast enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus?

A lot of people are using this crisis as another political attack against the president. Regardless of your party preference, we have to understand that handling a crisis to this degree is new to America.