An Urgent Call to Pray for Aleppo

For more than five years, the city of Aleppo has been invaded with war, hurting the lives of innocent children and adults. The war has been established by a group of supporters of the president of Syria and rebels, which are people that do not believe that he should be in power. These rebels have beenContinue reading “An Urgent Call to Pray for Aleppo”

Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers

According to Christian News Network, a group of apostate United Methodist Episcopal and Jewish clergy gathered outside an abortion facility to bless the facility. As the pictures reveal, they are pro-family, pro-choice, pro-faith. One of the members stated that God’s love is steadfast, and that several religious people tend to forget that. For them, loveContinue reading “Apostate Clergy of Ohio thanks God for its abortion providers”

Alabama Church Shooting Brings Distraught over Congregations

Last Sunday morning during a worship service at Oasis Tabernacle Church, a young 24- year old woman and her newborn child were shot by her ex-boyfriend. The shooter, James Junior Minter, came into the service, sat between them and attempted to murder them in front of the eyes of the members. Unfortunately, the pastor of the church,Continue reading “Alabama Church Shooting Brings Distraught over Congregations”