Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Hebrews 13:8)

I believe in your promises My faith and hope will not be shaken I will trust in the Lord, my Shepherd He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever Seasons, nature, and people change Some hearts grow fond, and some draw away But the passion of Christ, it stays the same His unconditional love forever remainsContinue reading “Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Hebrews 13:8)”

The World Will Never Understand

Your love is like a boomerang It is chasing after us Your love is like a magnet It is attracting itself to us Your love is like the ocean It flows and it has no end It’s fast and furious, with rapid currents It can’t be defined by any circumstance This world has tried toContinue reading “The World Will Never Understand”

Before my Maker

He will never leave us His mercy is everlasting His love is never-failing His presence is never-ending He created the stars, he created the seas And every living thing that moves and breathes He created the planets and galaxies I lift up my hands so all of them can see I raise my hands beforeContinue reading “Before my Maker”

Eternal Love

My life won’t be the same again, Ever since that day I met you. My heart, I knew, was longing for something, But I found true love when I found you. Afraid, I was, Of falling in love but being imperfect, Of seeking a love that’d be so dangerous; But you answered my call andContinue reading “Eternal Love”