Fierce Love- Poem

The world has tried to understand Why my love for you is fierce They will only comprehend As they experience violent tears I’ve been through many different struggles The Lord has been my faithful guide He has never let me down He has never left my side In the moments of hitting rock bottom HisContinue reading “Fierce Love- Poem”

Never Burn Out- Poem

Two weeks ago, I was at a youth conference for the seventh year in a row. I’ve seen myself, how I’ve matured and come along way since when I began my journey in the Lord. It brought the fear of God into me to never let that fire burn out, no matter how older that I get, or despite what may come my way. I saw a lot of young people, and I realized the importance and how necessary it is to be around them, because they carry an innocent passion for God, something that I always yearn and desire to keep, no matter how older I may get. I hope this poem ministers to you! I wrote in during the conference!

Life is a Battle (To Fall in Love Again)- Poem

Dryness is the enemy Emptiness is the rival Crossing the gates that were never entered Has now become the hardest trial As long as the world continues to exist Satan will continue to creep within He perseveres just like an eagle He will not quit until he wins Life is a battle to remain goodContinue reading “Life is a Battle (To Fall in Love Again)- Poem”

Jesus Is, the Power of the Spoken Word

As I was watching video, I was being ministered by every sentence that was addressed. The spoken word is becoming more known nowadays, and it is being utilized for the expansion of God’s kingdom. There is a power and a conviction that stirs up in our hearts when we listen to this message. It opensContinue reading “Jesus Is, the Power of the Spoken Word”

Burns in Me

In the day and throughout the night When I’m feeling weak inside Through the victories in life And through the failures in foresight Your glory keeps shining on me And I’m expecting blessings everyday Your fire continues to burn inside of me With miracles and signs at a greater rate. I’ve seen your presence transformContinue reading “Burns in Me”