Voting for Values vs. Personality in this election

Let us not fall into deception! We can never vote in an election based on personalities. As believers, we should always vote for values over someone’s character.

Democrats oppose the stimulus package to help Americans in crisis.

Democrats, rather than coming into unity and helping Americans out of aid, continue to express their agenda. The ultimate opportunists, use this crisis to negotiate the GOP’s proposal to aid Americans, by pushing some of their demands into effect, as well.

Trump plans to keep his promise to repeal Obamacare around next year.

In an interview, Mike Pence said that Obamacare was a failure. Pence said that this reform for health care was initiated as selfishly by the president to maintain his legacy. One of the major campaign promises of Trump was to end Obamacare and provide a better plan for health insurance to Americans. He said that heContinue reading “Trump plans to keep his promise to repeal Obamacare around next year.”

Clinton was once against immigration, but the media won’t tell you this. 

Hillary Video Watching the first few minutes of this video will open a lot of eyes into the double-mindedness of Clinton.  Why does Donald Trump get attacked for comments he made years ago and Clinton get spared?