When the Odds- Poem

All of us will endure mountains and giants in our lives. Even in those moments of hardship, we must be affirmed that God’s love is with us. My prayer is that this poem encourages you and reaffirms your faith in God.

November is the month of abundance

Everyone knows and is excited that we are about to celebrate two of the most favorite holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It isn’t a secret that November is essential in the United States because of the Thanksgiving holiday, a day that is dedicated to giving thanks. You might ask, why is it then…Continue reading “November is the month of abundance”

Why do You Battle?

Why do you battle? Why do you faint? Why does every hardship stray you away? Why do you anger? Why are you pained? Why are you locked up inside those chains? Goliaths will keep on creeping The tidal waves will continue racing The snakes will persist till you suffocate Nature is rising Creatures are fightingContinue reading “Why do You Battle?”