The Power and Revelation of Honor- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

A few years ago at Dr. Rodney Howard Browne’s church, Apostle Maldonado was invited to share a message on honor. As I viewed the video, I remembered just how important it is that we live our entire lives with a heart that honors. It is the beginning of 2016, and we cannot experience breakthroughs withoutContinue reading “The Power and Revelation of Honor- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado”

Continue to Dream Throughout our Lives!

Source: Dare to Dream And Don’t Lose Hope Reading this post, I recalled a poem that I wrote a long time ago during the beginning of my walk with God. I began receiving prophetic visions and dreams in regards to my calling and purpose. My encounters with God as a spiritual baby is what has kept me strongContinue reading “Continue to Dream Throughout our Lives!”


Like fish in the sea, Like the lion in the jungle, Like the camel in the desert, You are all I need. Like David in Your presence, Like Moses in that burning bush; I need You everyday. I need You here today. No one else can occupy Your room. I can’t function without You. YourContinue reading “Irreplaceable”