Love Lives Forever- Poem

The Word teaches us that three things will remain forever, even when the world passes away: Faith, hope and love, but the greatest is love. The Bible also says that God is love. I hope and pray that this poem affirms God’s love in your life!

Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas (A look back at the background and history of December 25)

Once again, we are reaching one of the favorite times of the year, Christmas. For as long as all of us were born, we have known Christmas to be a celebration where people gather decorations for their homes, shop for their family and friends, and put up a Christmas tree. Although it varies by culture,Continue reading “Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas (A look back at the background and history of December 25)”

An Urgent Call to Pray for Aleppo

For more than five years, the city of Aleppo has been invaded with war, hurting the lives of innocent children and adults. The war has been established by a group of supporters of the president of Syria and rebels, which are people that do not believe that he should be in power. These rebels have beenContinue reading “An Urgent Call to Pray for Aleppo”

A prophetic voice has gone to be with Jesus.

Early this morning, prophetic preacher and minister Kim Clement passed away due to health problems. His family posted a message on the ministry’s website to thank everyone for their prayers and supplications for their leader’s life. They will host a celebration of his life soon. I remember prophet Kim when he came to American AirlinesContinue reading “A prophetic voice has gone to be with Jesus.”

Love Eradicates Fear

This was the verse that delivered me from fear almost six years ago, 1 John 4:18 says that “perfect love casts away fear.” But fear is a thing that will continue to emerge as we step into the doors of our every day lives. There will always be new challenges, goals, and responsibilities that mayContinue reading “Love Eradicates Fear”

Making Heavenly Investments vs. Powerball

Source: What’s LUCK got to do with it? There has been massive talk about the Powerball lottery. Everywhere throughout the country people of all ages are wishing, praying, and hoping to get the winning numbers, putting their faith in a lottery ticket. A lot of people mention that it is a fun thing to do. TheyContinue reading “Making Heavenly Investments vs. Powerball”

Laying It All Before God/ Psalm 95:6 (Hit the Deck)

Source: Hit the Deck Good morning everyone! I was compelled to share this amazing post that I read this morning, which is a continuous challenge to putting God first this year! As this post reads, we must “hit the deck.” There is nothing like putting it all on the table before God! Just like this postContinue reading “Laying It All Before God/ Psalm 95:6 (Hit the Deck)”