September, the Month of Fullness

September, being the ninth month of the year, is coming to us this year to prophetically declare fullness over whatever circumstance we’re facing.

Many cities and counties are now requiring for residents to wear masks when going out.

With many cities and counties creating stricter health guidelines, by wearing masks, many people question when this pandemic will end. Some prophets and apostles have predicted or prophesied good news for the world.

Pope recites prayer and creates a ritual for humanity’s forgiveness of sins.

Last Friday, Pope Francis Prayed on behalf of the people to God and asked for forgiveness of their sins. Confirmed their sins are forgiven, and prayed before two status for the removal of this plague.

House surprisingly approves stimulus package, paving the way for the president to sign off on the bill.

The House approves the Stimulus Package bill. Now, it moves to the next phase, where congress must approve before going to the president.

United States reaches top of the list of most COVID-19 cases in the world.

Although United States has climbed to the top of the list of most cases around the world, President Trump remains calm, and advises Americans to keep calm because progress is being made.

Prophet speaks at “It’s Supernatural” show, gives insight regarding the coronavirus and the world.

We know there is a coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout the world naturally. But can we see into the spiritual dimension and see what God is saying and doing during this time? God has chosen apostles and prophets to give that clarification.

Senate passes stimulus package bill last night, awaits House approval by Friday, hopefully.

Despite some conflicts with the stimulus package bill already, it was passed and moved to the House of Representatives. There is already some conflicts and disagreements on some parts of it.

The Senate creates a stimulus-package deal; what does this mean and what is the process for it to become effective?

The Senate came to terms and agreed on a stimulus package deal. But does this mean it automatically gets approved? What is the governmental process it will take to officially become effective and approved?

City of Miami orders residents to shelter in place after governor refuses to shut down the state.

Governor DeSantis continues to refuse a state-wide shutdown. However, City of Miami takes stricter measures to ensure the safety of its residents.