The Sound of Silence

  The sounds of nature whistle to my ear; Not sounding sounds, not hearing voices Not a single chirp or a single honk, How beautiful, this sound of silence. I hear these empty, giant sounds Transforming the moods inside my heart Bringing a peace inside me now And it keeps traveling from afar It racesContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”


Like fish in the sea, Like the lion in the jungle, Like the camel in the desert, You are all I need. Like David in Your presence, Like Moses in that burning bush; I need You everyday. I need You here today. No one else can occupy Your room. I can’t function without You. YourContinue reading “Irreplaceable”


  No matter how much weight’s being lifted To push my heart away from You My heart bounces back, just like a magnet It keeps me going back to You I can’t escape from who You are Ever since you took me, I’m marked for life Your light, It shines, Brighter than the stars ItContinue reading “Magnet”

The Passion for Christ

  I want a greater love for You Unsatisfied with a comfortable, passive presence I want a greater longing, too A transformation inside Your essence. Displeased with my present prayer life; I want to encounter You in a greater way; To be converted inside Your light; And seek a change to light-up my days. IContinue reading “The Passion for Christ”