Chambers pt. 2

My life initiated in the chambers It was where you dealt with me in layers It was part of my process and my journey It was the beginning of my story In those chambers, I surrendered tears I created an altar where I left every fear My greatest desire is to dwell in those chambersContinue reading “Chambers pt. 2”

Life is a Battle (To Fall in Love Again)- Poem

Dryness is the enemy Emptiness is the rival Crossing the gates that were never entered Has now become the hardest trial As long as the world continues to exist Satan will continue to creep within He perseveres just like an eagle He will not quit until he wins Life is a battle to remain goodContinue reading “Life is a Battle (To Fall in Love Again)- Poem”

Trump vows to have Mexico pay for the wall.

Although Mexican President Peña Nieto has consistently rejected the idea of paying the United States to fund building the wall that Trump has promised, the president-elect continues to declare and promise Americans that Mexico will pay for it eventually. His speeches against Mexicans and different types of races have offended the Mexican government. As aContinue reading “Trump vows to have Mexico pay for the wall.”

Explode in Me- Poem

You’re the reason I’m burning deep inside I’m consumed with your love, more and more The fire must burn till it becomes a light Shining brighter till I explode So, crack the code and the walls of my soul I stop resisting and I cease to fight Dove, come like the wind that blows andContinue reading “Explode in Me- Poem”

These worship songs will move your spirit- Throwbacks

Since the beginning of my walk with God, there have been songs that have stuck close to my heart. Worship is essential to the life of every believer. It demonstrates our love and passion for God. It is the bridge between just believing in him and acknowledging him as an all creating God, to knowingContinue reading “These worship songs will move your spirit- Throwbacks”

Have we lost the passion for God?

Do you want to know if you’re losing passion for God? The fear of every believer is to lose passion for prayer and for God. Lately, God has been ministering to me about how important it is to have a prayer life, despite financial struggles, arguments with family members, or stress with school. If yourContinue reading “Have we lost the passion for God?”

Christian artists that have influenced my love and passion for God

I’ve heard hundreds and thousands of songs throughout the years that I have been involved in church. Lately, there has been an outpour and passion for worship in my spirit. Not every artist has that gift; some are so anointed that you can feel the passion and hunger while they are singing. I thank GodContinue reading “Christian artists that have influenced my love and passion for God”