Love Lives Forever- Poem

The Word teaches us that three things will remain forever, even when the world passes away: Faith, hope and love, but the greatest is love. The Bible also says that God is love. I hope and pray that this poem affirms God’s love in your life!

The Promise- Poem

This is my promise It’s the best that I can do My solemn covenant A vow that I present to you I promise to strengthen my prayer life Despite the bricks that are piling up. I vow to refresh and renew my mind Every day with the Word of God. I promise to reach the lostContinue reading “The Promise- Poem”

Laying It All Before God/ Psalm 95:6 (Hit the Deck)

Source: Hit the Deck Good morning everyone! I was compelled to share this amazing post that I read this morning, which is a continuous challenge to putting God first this year! As this post reads, we must “hit the deck.” There is nothing like putting it all on the table before God! Just like this postContinue reading “Laying It All Before God/ Psalm 95:6 (Hit the Deck)”

Overwhelming with Love for Jesus

I’m overwhelming with a love That can move tallest mountain in the Earth I’m overwhelming with a love That can change the hearts and the whole world I want to experience what it felt like For Adam to abide in that garden For Job to surrender his entire life Though the people’s hearts were hardenedContinue reading “Overwhelming with Love for Jesus”

The Chapter

Finally, it’s the closing of another chapter The year has ended as the shut of a door You overcame hell and every difficult battle It is time to perceive what I have in store A brand new car and a better-paying job An unquenchable fire to seek the face of the Lord And a double-portionContinue reading “The Chapter”

Steal my Heart

Like a warrior that fights until it wins, Like the thief that creeps into the night, You run with passion after me. Your love and mercy chases me. Carry me deeper into your arms Fill me up until I’m changed Use thousands of signs to steal my heart Reveal to me your unconditional ways I’mContinue reading “Steal my Heart”