Heart of the Righteous- Poem

Have you been feeling like you’ve been fighting an unjust battle? Your enemies are being blessed, and you’re receiving battles? This poem was put into my spirit to uplift you.

Five people were killed in the tragedy at Fort Lauderdale Airport.

People located at Fort Lauderdale experienced tragedy with their own eyes yesterday. According to news, a man by the name of Esteban Santiago, waited for his luggage after landing at Fort Lauderdale Airport. As soon as he received his case, he pulled out a gun from the case and started firing at people in theirContinue reading “Five people were killed in the tragedy at Fort Lauderdale Airport.”

Smile- Poem

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” I wrote this poem in spite of all the things young people face throughout their early years. I wrote it a few months back when I was going through many personal situations and struggles, and it was difficult for me toContinue reading “Smile- Poem”

Love Eradicates Fear

This was the verse that delivered me from fear almost six years ago, 1 John 4:18 says that “perfect love casts away fear.” But fear is a thing that will continue to emerge as we step into the doors of our every day lives. There will always be new challenges, goals, and responsibilities that mayContinue reading “Love Eradicates Fear”

The Power and Revelation of Honor- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

A few years ago at Dr. Rodney Howard Browne’s church, Apostle Maldonado was invited to share a message on honor. As I viewed the video, I remembered just how important it is that we live our entire lives with a heart that honors. It is the beginning of 2016, and we cannot experience breakthroughs withoutContinue reading “The Power and Revelation of Honor- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado”

Blessed are the Ones who Wait (Isaiah 40:31)

Source: Are You Living Patience is a¬†Virtue? This was a tremendous blog post! Some times we get discouraged when we don’t see breakthrough. It is important to know that God is always working and he never abandons us! We have to trust in him and his word! If the blessing doesn’t come right away, thereContinue reading “Blessed are the Ones who Wait (Isaiah 40:31)”

The Love of God

It’s endless It’s without boundaries It’s eternal The love He has for me It’s plentiful It’s wonderful It’s beautiful The love He has for us It’s magnificent It’s existent Able to be experienced The love He has for me Without remorse Without recourse Reserved and only for us Is the love He has for usContinue reading “The Love of God”