President Trump prays with pastors for the coronavirus pandemic

Prayer is what America needs, because as Christians, we know and believe that prayer isn’t something that we do as being “hopeful.” We know that there is power in prayer, and that God answers prayers. Every American should rejoice seeing our president turning to God.

Clinton was once against immigration, but the media won’t tell you this. 

Hillary Video Watching the first few minutes of this video will open a lot of eyes into the double-mindedness of Clinton.  Why does Donald Trump get attacked for comments he made years ago and Clinton get spared?

Let the Cry Begin

Nations and races stand to their feet God’s soldiers are sleepless in the nights Crying for a change and a new beginning A breakthrough of love that will forever shine The devil attacked throughout the year He tried to harm the people of God His sons and daughters have persevered Now it’s time for the fire of God to comeContinue reading “Let the Cry Begin”

Jesus is My Reality

The world sees daily tragedies The storms, the wars, the people dying The earth’s being shaken above the normalities Yet, still the church, continues fighting The wealth for the righteous continues rising Their faith and boldness is their remedy Darkness is strong but they continue shining They’re aware that you’re the reality World War oneContinue reading “Jesus is My Reality”

Umpqua shooting resembles Columbine Shooting, Revealing a Message for the End-Times

On Oct 1, 2015, the events that transpired regard a 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer killing 10 people on a community college. The Umpqua Community College, located in Oregon, had a lock-down through the event. Before firing bullets at people, Mercer asked the victims if they were Christian. He despised people of the ChristianContinue reading “Umpqua shooting resembles Columbine Shooting, Revealing a Message for the End-Times”