Póstrate ante mí, ríndete hacia mí, Ámame con el amor que te he dado a ti. Abre tu corazón, pídele a mi ser todo perdón, Quítate el pecado, quítate el rencor. Cierra tus ojos y olvídate que estas solo, Pues mi presencia la sienten pocos; Solo los que se humillan ante mí Conocerán mi amorContinue reading “Enamórame”

Woo Me

Present yourself before me; bow down on your knees, Love me with the love I’ve given thee. Open up your heart, forgive all those you must, Remove your sins, clean your bitter heart. Close your eyes and forget that you’re alone, For my presence is felt by only those I chose; Only those that humbleContinue reading “Woo Me”

To Hear the Voice of God

To hear the voice of God is unimaginable I feel relief unlike any other I get in touch with my actual self I long to seek His love forever To hear the voice of God is unpredictable Compared to His presence, there’s nothing better I’m aroused from the fiery wrath of hell Compared to HisContinue reading “To Hear the Voice of God”

You Deserve the Best

  Our generations were evil We were headed towards death But Your spirit came to heal And diminish the devil’s wrath You came as a teacher to bring us love Showed us lessons from above You carried the torch and carried the cross You did those things, all for us When I pray, I rememberContinue reading “You Deserve the Best”

Your Presence

  When I’m depressed and distressed you are with me When I cry you are there by my side, When I would wish to have a better feeling, When I wished for someone to confide. I met many creatures in the sea Those crazy demons destroyed my life But you were always there to helpContinue reading “Your Presence”

The Closer I Get to You

The closer I get to You, The more I fall in love. The closer I get to You, The more I seek Your heart. And I won’t yield another way; No other person can take Your place; You’re God Almighty and I worship You For the remaining of my days. The closer I get toContinue reading “The Closer I Get to You”

The Passion for Christ

  I want a greater love for You Unsatisfied with a comfortable, passive presence I want a greater longing, too A transformation inside Your essence. Displeased with my present prayer life; I want to encounter You in a greater way; To be converted inside Your light; And seek a change to light-up my days. IContinue reading “The Passion for Christ”