Trump Administration negotiates the Abraham Accords, an attempt to birth peace between Israel and the Arab States.

In another historic moment, the Trump Administrations launches another effort to bring peace and restoration between Israel and the Arab States. This deal is so historic to protect Israel for the end time move of God.

Supreme Court Justice Nominee attacked for her religious beliefs during hearing.

Having a clean record and nominated by President Trump to replace the late justice Ginsburg isn’t enough for Democrats, as they sought to attack her religious beliefs to stop her from securing the position.

Did President Trump move fast enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus?

A lot of people are using this crisis as another political attack against the president. Regardless of your party preference, we have to understand that handling a crisis to this degree is new to America.

President Trump prays with pastors for the coronavirus pandemic

Prayer is what America needs, because as Christians, we know and believe that prayer isn’t something that we do as being “hopeful.” We know that there is power in prayer, and that God answers prayers. Every American should rejoice seeing our president turning to God.

Democrats oppose the stimulus package to help Americans in crisis.

Democrats, rather than coming into unity and helping Americans out of aid, continue to express their agenda. The ultimate opportunists, use this crisis to negotiate the GOP’s proposal to aid Americans, by pushing some of their demands into effect, as well.

The struggle and war for power inside of the White House.

If you haven’t been following up on recent news, the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has made several news highlights. The recent conspiracies regarding his sexual assaults on a woman back in high school raise several concerns about him being granted one of the most powerful positions of the United States. Christine Blasey Ford spokeContinue reading “The struggle and war for power inside of the White House.”