How can we battle the adversary of stress?

I was on, viewing a teaching on how to deal with stress by Pastor Guillermo Maldonado. As he shared the message, many thoughts crept into my head as to why young people tend to deal with problems in our minds, heart, and spirit. Have you ever sat down in a chair and overwhelmed yourselfContinue reading “How can we battle the adversary of stress?”

Can we Overcome Stress in Today’s Modern World?

Over 2000 years ago Jesus said, come to me, all who are weary (stressed), and I will give you rest. How is that possible in the 21st century? We are living in a society of networking where we are linked to multiple people at one time, with various tasks and responsibilities. Some of them includeContinue reading “Can we Overcome Stress in Today’s Modern World?”

Wrestling With God

All of us have been there, and I continue to wrestle with him from time to time! We must overcome the enemy , and stop resisting God. I refuse to be the devil’s friend, and be an enemy of God!