Word for the month of October

While the world celebrates it for Halloween and watching a lot of horror movies, there are different intentions that God has for this month.

Rod Parsley is Healed from Cancer!

Earlier this year in 2015, Pastor Rod Parsley and his family members received the most difficult words that any human being can hear regarding their life. He was diagnosed with throat cancer. “I am not going to lie that these news sent me into a very dark place,” Pastor Parsley said. Hearing the news caused ParsleyContinue reading “Rod Parsley is Healed from Cancer!”

He Set Me Free

This is the testimony of a bastard Who found true love in the arms of God; My life was lost and without direction Till I experienced the love of God! I was young and had thought that love Was characterized by finding “the right one.” And I didn’t know that for eternal love We mustContinue reading “He Set Me Free”

Thank You

Surrounded by Your love and grace You hold the power to take my pain away I cannot help how incredible You are I cannot help how beautiful You are I wake up feeling a lot of love Not knowing of who to give it to It’s nothing more than the love of God Now IContinue reading “Thank You”

With a Thankful Heart

I come to You with a thankful heart Well, you brought to me the incentive to restart I opened up a new chapter of my life, Closing all the chapters where I cried In love with an angel was in my writing But in love with a demon was the reality I looked for aContinue reading “With a Thankful Heart”