“War Room” Evokes a Powerful Message to Audiences

Faith-based film War Room, attempting to reach small Christian audiences, debuted at theaters on Aug 28, 2015. Impressively, the low-budget movie peaked at number two in the box-office on its release week, and has recently become the currenty top-grossing film, surpassing Straight Outta Compton. The Kendrick brothers, the makers of War Room, Courageous, and Fireproof, have continued to reveal theirContinue reading ““War Room” Evokes a Powerful Message to Audiences”

In Love With God

Check out the way I’m looking for Him Check out the way I bow down on my knees Check out the way He delivers me from sin Check out the way He’s looking right at me He’s expecting me to have a conversation with Him He’s expecting for me to leave all of my problemsContinue reading “In Love With God”

The Greatest Gift

By the power of God I can heal the sick and cast out demons Create signs and wonders in the name of Jesus But none of that is enough. By the power of our God I can arrange the clouds in the sky But that won’t leave me satisfied Sadly, that’s still not enough. IContinue reading “The Greatest Gift”

A Moment in Paradise

A moment in paradise is when I see the Lord Spreading His wings all over me A moment in paradise is nothing more Than in His Presence falling on my knees His presence is all I’m asking for During the times that I’m in need My face can be stuck down to the floor ButContinue reading “A Moment in Paradise”

Angel of the Sky

Some people don’t know you like I do Some people don’t trust you like I do Some people would rather choose a fool, because they don’t know you like I do As a result, people fear the night, the dangerous creatures that lurk within. They bring their hopes completely down, until surrender is hard toContinue reading “Angel of the Sky”

Thank You

Surrounded by Your love and grace You hold the power to take my pain away I cannot help how incredible You are I cannot help how beautiful You are I wake up feeling a lot of love Not knowing of who to give it to It’s nothing more than the love of God Now IContinue reading “Thank You”

To Hear the Voice of God

To hear the voice of God is unimaginable I feel relief unlike any other I get in touch with my actual self I long to seek His love forever To hear the voice of God is unpredictable Compared to His presence, there’s nothing better I’m aroused from the fiery wrath of hell Compared to HisContinue reading “To Hear the Voice of God”

With a Thankful Heart

I come to You with a thankful heart Well, you brought to me the incentive to restart I opened up a new chapter of my life, Closing all the chapters where I cried In love with an angel was in my writing But in love with a demon was the reality I looked for aContinue reading “With a Thankful Heart”

Your Presence

  When I’m depressed and distressed you are with me When I cry you are there by my side, When I would wish to have a better feeling, When I wished for someone to confide. I met many creatures in the sea Those crazy demons destroyed my life But you were always there to helpContinue reading “Your Presence”