On The Rock- Poem by Deborah Ann

I’m building my house on the Rock, it’s going up brick by brick the Word will be the mortar I use so my faith in God will stick. The Rock will be my anchor, when a tempest comes my way I’ll hold onto His power until the tempter goes away. When the winds attack me, […]Continue reading “On The Rock- Poem by Deborah Ann”

The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23)

The Lord is my Shepherd He’s my protector in my times of drought. He lets me rest in the green meadows. He brings me peace when I feel down He’s my defender in the darkest days He guides me into the perfect path. I’m protected and comforted everyday By his beautiful rod and his perfectContinue reading “The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23)”

Why do You Battle?

Why do you battle? Why do you faint? Why does every hardship stray you away? Why do you anger? Why are you pained? Why are you locked up inside those chains? Goliaths will keep on creeping The tidal waves will continue racing The snakes will persist till you suffocate Nature is rising Creatures are fightingContinue reading “Why do You Battle?”

Love Lives Forever

Love is a force that it astounds me, It is such a tremendously righteous feeling; It manifested from a dream, And then it found me in reality. And then, I learned… That, to live in love, means to love, Even when by tribulation, we’re surrounded Even when by walls, we’re surrounded, Because the Lord isContinue reading “Love Lives Forever”