Biden vows to be a president for all Americans

Biden already breaks his promise to hear everyone out and be a president for all Americans.

Biden wins: Christians must continue to pray and believe for revival in our country.

Biden’s victory is a detrimental setback to faith all around the world. This can cause many religious sectors to become discouraged, doubtful, and bitter towards God. Many believers thought that God rose up Trump for such a time as this. Many of them have even spoken out prophetic words declaring that he would win again,Continue reading “Biden wins: Christians must continue to pray and believe for revival in our country.”

Biden says he will be a president for all Americans; Kamala Harris states she supports freedom of religion.

Despite the Biden’s Administration’s policies contradicting the word of God, they declare that they are rooted in their faith. Harris says she supports freedom of religion, and Biden is a devout Catholic according to him.

Trump plans to keep his promise to repeal Obamacare around next year.

In an interview, Mike Pence said that Obamacare was a failure. Pence said that this reform for health care was initiated as selfishly by the president to maintain his legacy. One of the major campaign promises of Trump was to end Obamacare and provide a better plan for health insurance to Americans. He said that heContinue reading “Trump plans to keep his promise to repeal Obamacare around next year.”

Clinton was once against immigration, but the media won’t tell you this. 

Hillary Video Watching the first few minutes of this video will open a lot of eyes into the double-mindedness of Clinton.  Why does Donald Trump get attacked for comments he made years ago and Clinton get spared?

Which candidate will you trust?

Donald Trump, the unlikely presidential candidate, has ruined his image nationally as well as internationally. The issue that won him the Republican primary election was immigration. Unfortunately, his aggressive speeches on building a border around Mexico, the African-Americans, Hispanics, and even women have decreased his chances on winning the election. He set himself up forContinue reading “Which candidate will you trust?”