Love has no emotions.

During this month, the whole world acknowledges and celebrates Valentine’s Day. While I don’t see anything wrong with it, I’ve noticed that the spirit of this age has polluted the idea of love. Merchandise are all over the stores to promote this event. Love has become a bestseller and a “money-making” time of year, butContinue reading “Love has no emotions.”


We’re living in the end times We’ll never make it through the night Unless we embrace you, And I embrace you Throughout the weaknesses and conflicts, The troubles and the embarrassments, My mistakes and all of my dooms, As I embrace you, I find my refuge. And I can’t live without your presence Out ofContinue reading “Embrace”

Wrestling With God

All of us have been there, and I continue to wrestle with him from time to time! We must overcome the enemy , and stop resisting God. I refuse to be the devil’s friend, and be an enemy of God!

Eternal Love

My life won’t be the same again, Ever since that day I met you. My heart, I knew, was longing for something, But I found true love when I found you. Afraid, I was, Of falling in love but being imperfect, Of seeking a love that’d be so dangerous; But you answered my call andContinue reading “Eternal Love”