Biden vows to be a president for all Americans

Biden already breaks his promise to hear everyone out and be a president for all Americans.

Our nation is more divided than it’s ever been.

Once upon a time, our nation wasn’t as divided as it used to be. There were critical moments when we were forced to come together as a nation. Nowadays, we are seeing the opposite. Crisis doesn’t unite us anymore.

Did President Trump move fast enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus?

A lot of people are using this crisis as another political attack against the president. Regardless of your party preference, we have to understand that handling a crisis to this degree is new to America.

President Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30

Social distancing guidelines have been extended to April 30. While President Trump states we haven’t seen the worst of this virus yet, there’s been tremendous progress that has initiated throughout this month.

United States reaches top of the list of most COVID-19 cases in the world.

Although United States has climbed to the top of the list of most cases around the world, President Trump remains calm, and advises Americans to keep calm because progress is being made.

President Maduro being searched by Justice Department for Drug Trafficking

Pray for Venezuela! Tensions are rising between them and the United States, as they begin their search for Nicolas Maduro, the former president to have him arrested for criminal acts.

The world craves for answers!

The topic that has trended world-wide and has caused chaos, and havoc, has been the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The disease, which began to spread throughout the entire continent of China, has begun to slowly contaminate almost every continent of the world. Arriving to the United States, as of now, it has created casesContinue reading “The world craves for answers!”

The upcoming summit between North Korea and the United States will prove to be historical.

For the past several weeks, there‚Äôs been a lot of debate and talk about the upcoming summit the President Trump will have with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Surprisingly, in such a small time, the presidency of Trump has influenced several events to happen, like the peace negotiations between North and South Korea. SinceContinue reading “The upcoming summit between North Korea and the United States will prove to be historical.”

North Korea captures their fourth U.S. citizen, raising tensions between both nations regarding an outbreak of war.

As we all know (or should know), diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea are in high tensions, worse than they have ever been in history. Some can argue that they are on the verge of beginning another World War.