Fierce Love- Poem

The world has tried to understand Why my love for you is fierce They will only comprehend As they experience violent tears I’ve been through many different struggles The Lord has been my faithful guide He has never let me down He has never left my side In the moments of hitting rock bottom HisContinue reading “Fierce Love- Poem”

Obama Calls for Executive Action in Gun Control Policy

Upset at the recent failure of the gun bill, President Obama gave an emotional speech addressing the lack of Republican support for the bill. According to the president, no one can sit around and do nothing while innocent lives are being murdered. “We are going to have to change our laws,” Obama told CNN. “ItContinue reading “Obama Calls for Executive Action in Gun Control Policy”

A gunman, attempting to commit murder in a church, ends up receiving Jesus

On a New Year’s service Thursday night, Pastor Larry held a service at his local church at Lafayette, North Carolina. During the service, he spoke about the horrible deaths, killings, and murders that took place throughout 2015. As they approached unto 20 minutes before the New Year commenced, a man enters with a gun onContinue reading “A gunman, attempting to commit murder in a church, ends up receiving Jesus”

The History of Halloween

Every year, people from all over the world anticipateĀ to celebrate Halloween. To many, it is their favorite event of the year. It is a time of trick-o-treating, clubbing, dressing up, and pretending to be someone else. But what is the history of Halloween? Do people know what they are doing when they putĀ on a costumeContinue reading “The History of Halloween”