North Korea captures their fourth U.S. citizen, raising tensions between both nations regarding an outbreak of war.

As we all know (or should know), diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea are in high tensions, worse than they have ever been in history. Some can argue that they are on the verge of beginning another World War.

President Trump strikes Syria around the time of Passover.

During the month of April, Christians commemorate one of the greatest moments in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Passover, the event in which God delivered the Jews from Egyptian captivity, is also celebrated by the Jews. According to the Bible, the feasts of the Lord are times of God where he wants to reveal his plansContinue reading “President Trump strikes Syria around the time of Passover.”

An Urgent Call to Pray for Aleppo

For more than five years, the city of Aleppo has been invaded with war, hurting the lives of innocent children and adults. The war has been established by a group of supporters of the president of Syria and rebels, which are people that do not believe that he should be in power. These rebels have beenContinue reading “An Urgent Call to Pray for Aleppo”

“War Room” Evokes a Powerful Message to Audiences

Faith-based film War Room, attempting to reach small Christian audiences, debuted at theaters on Aug 28, 2015. Impressively, the low-budget movie peaked at number two in the box-office on its release week, and has recently become the currenty top-grossing film, surpassing Straight Outta Compton. The Kendrick brothers, the makers of War Room, Courageous, and Fireproof, have continued to reveal theirContinue reading ““War Room” Evokes a Powerful Message to Audiences”