Dump the news and dive into the Word

In a time where everyone is searching their feed and news, it’s important to put those things aside and dive into the Word of God. So much negativity, division, and chaos, but the one thing that will make us feel at peace is meditating on God’s word.

Son of Cain

I need Your heart, I need You Lord My heart isn’t satisfied with knowledge of You Remove the evils and bring Your truth So that my soul finds rest in You. Let my soul cry out Let my flesh cry out Let my body die out As you enter in my heart. And remove envyContinue reading “Son of Cain”

How do we receive a message?

There are two types of receiving messages: listening and hearing. What is the difference? Hearing is to hear what a person is saying. Listening is to hear what a person is saying with understanding. In other words, a person can hear a message, but not necessarily listen to it. James 1:22-27 22 Do not merelyContinue reading “How do we receive a message?”

Matthew 1:23

23 “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”[a] (which means “God with us”). Every scripture in the Word is prophetic; there is always something that God wishes to reveal in the now. One of the perfect signs is this scripture. The angel spoke to Mary and declared thatContinue reading “Matthew 1:23”

The Greatest Gift

By the power of God I can heal the sick and cast out demons Create signs and wonders in the name of Jesus But none of that is enough. By the power of our God I can arrange the clouds in the sky But that won’t leave me satisfied Sadly, that’s still not enough. IContinue reading “The Greatest Gift”

God is Here

Though I’m unworthy of Your love, And I’ve done things that You’re unproud of, Though I’ve searched for a lot of loves, And my live has fallen from above, Though I’m still within the world, Trying to set myself out, Searching inside for my rebirth, Trying so hard to not pull down, Right here YouContinue reading “God is Here”

The “Now” Faith

A season of breakthrough is coming now I anticipate it with an attitude of faith Expecting blessings without a doubt; I know from stress, I’ll have my break. Be still and wait upon the Lord Knowing His Word will overflow; Knowing I will clutch onto the cord That will manifest like never before. I anticipateContinue reading “The “Now” Faith”